5 applications of GPS technology to help with crisis management

Crisis management is an important process that any business must go through. It is even more important for those who work in remote locations, such as aid workers, staff on business trips, or troops at war. GPS technology has been able to provide us with vastly improved intelligence regarding the whereabouts of not only your staff, but also the location of a potential conflict that could create a crisis situation. GPS technology is not limited to people. It can also be used on vehicles and also on buildings.

Here are 5 possible applications of GPS technology in scenarios where it can help with crisis management.

1) Remote help workers. Tracking personnel working in remote locations is essential to any operation. Working abroad in hostile countries carries high risks that must be managed to prevent them from becoming a crisis. GPS technology can help keep remote personnel in touch with a central base through location management and communication devices.

2) Convoy tracking. Convoys carrying goods, be it food or technology (or even people) can be tracked using GPS technology. This is ideal for avoiding ambushes or hijacking of the convoy.

3) Maritime Tracking. Ships or ships at sea can be easily “lost” in terms of knowing where they are. This is where GPS tracking can help. Because there are no obstructions at sea, there is always a clear line of communication with the satellites, making it a reliable technology to use.

4) Military Tracking. Like remote aid workers, GPS technology can greatly assist the Army by becoming a third eye. It can help a central communications base keep in touch with those on the ground and alert them to locations of potential conflict.

5) Aircraft Tracking. Because GPS technology uses satellites to communicate with devices, it is ideal for aircraft tracking. Previously, GPS-enabled aircraft had to rely on radar, which had limited coverage, whereas now aircraft locations can be managed worldwide. If a plane goes down, it is also possible to pinpoint the exact location of the aircraft if the GPS device was still intact.

It is quite possible that multiple tracking devices are used in one scenario. For example, where a vehicle may be equipped with a GPS device, the personnel on board may also have their own individual tracking devices.

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