Benefits of owning a Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a car known for many things, such as good construction, wonderful safety features, and more. There are many wonderful Volkswagen models available these days, but the Beetle has something special that many people look for in a car. Listed below are some of the often mentioned benefits of owning such a vehicle that might make you sit up and think that maybe the Beetle is the right kind of car to buy.

One of the benefits of owning a Volkswagen Beetle relates to the safety features associated with this type of vehicle. Volkswagen is constantly improving the features of its cars and the safety category is just one area that is being improved. The Beetle has steel door bolsters, daytime running lights and door reflectors, all of which help make the Beetle a safer vehicle to drive and travel with.

Another benefit of buying a Beetle for your next car is that it is fairly affordable. With a street price of approximately $18,000, this Volkswagen model offers people an affordable option for a great type of car. Compared to other makes and models on car sales floors these days, the Beetle is a wonderful vehicle at an affordable price. Depending on the financing obtained, monthly payments may only be a few hundred dollars, which is affordable for many.

Plus, the Beetle gets wonderful gas mileage, which is very important these days as gas prices are so high and there’s no end in sight to rising gas prices. Getting 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, the Beetle shows an estimated annual fuel cost to owners of around $1,827, though this price may be a bit higher now with recent gas price increases. However, when compared to other vehicles of its size or even larger vehicles like SUVs, the Beetle’s fuel economy is quite favorable.

With summer fast approaching, the sunroof is also a nice touch on the Volkswagen-branded Beetle. The power glass sunroof, standard on SE models and available as an option on S models, is tinted to let the sun in, but not too much if you don’t want it. The sunroof slides, tilts and also has pinch protection as an added safety feature.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a wonderful car to buy as it has many different benefits associated with owning it. Some of the benefits include great safety features, great price range, great gas mileage, cool sunroof, and it’s a car made by a popular automaker.

Finally, the Volkswagen name is highly revered on the motoring circuit. This German-made car has a robust construction and is durable in nature. Volkswagens are built to last, and if you choose the Volkswagen Beetle as your desired car, you’ll find nothing less than what you’d expect from a Volkswagen automobile.

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