Entertaining and food ideas for golf-themed weddings

While decorating a golf-themed wedding can be relatively easy, coming up with ideas for food and entertaining is much more difficult. Depending on how far you want to take the golf theme, you’ll need to get creative so you can keep golf lovers and neophytes alike happy. The key is to create a mix of tradition and fun. You may take your sport very seriously, but others will feel a bit lost if you don’t create some fun for them too.

When it comes to food, it’s easiest to go back to the traditions of country club golf. Host a “19th hole” with classic drinks like martinis. You may have to explain the meaning to non-golfers, but that may be a good time for the older generation to tell their long golf stories. Serve up the hearty fare golf aficionados deserve, like steak and potatoes. For a more unique touch, create a popular baked potato bar with a variety of fillings along with carved short ribs.

Bringing golf into entertainment can be a challenge for guests who aren’t as excited about “the best game” as you are. In addition to having a DJ or band, you can host a mini golf tournament or rent a putting set for the reception. You don’t have to be a golf pro to enjoy a little miniature golf! Golf innocents will still have a blast watching others play a few games of skill, and the fact that you’ve put so much of your own personality into the reception will certainly be appreciated.

For friends and family who are avid golfers, you can host a pre-wedding scramble or short tournament the evening before the rehearsal dinner. Invite the wedding party, of course, as well as the people who have traveled far to see you. Having the wedding at a resort-style location where the hotel is close by or attached will make this easier. In addition, your guests will be able to have fun and play all weekend. If you don’t go on your honeymoon right away, you might even have another round the day after your wedding under your new names. How about getting a couple of golf shirts embroidered with your new initials?

Carrying your golf theme throughout your wedding doesn’t have to mean leaving out those who don’t have a clue about their sport. Have fun and serve up the best golf and entertainment fare. Who knows? You can even convert a few friends and family and take them out on the field at the end of the party.

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