Golf Popularity: Expanding Technology And Region Leading To Demand For Golf Apparel

Golf is steadily losing its elite status as a new consumer demographic is introduced to the sport. Today, golf continues to witness the active participation of people of all ages in different parts of the world. The growing popularity of this sport has led to an increase in the number of international sporting events organized around the world; the Ryder Cup of golf, which will take place in France this year, is a good example. The growing popularity of the sport has not only translated into increased television audiences for international sporting events, but has also boosted sales of golf merchandising and equipment. Of particular note has been the surge in golf apparel sales, with many brands expanding their range of offerings to meet evolving demand.

The advent of ‘Footgolf’ will likely introduce a new consumer segment to the market

As golf is becoming a popular sport in various countries in Europe, playing foot golf has become a recent trend among golf fans. International government organizations such as FIFG (The Federation for International Footgolf) are taking various initiatives to organize global golf tourism and international sporting events such as the FIFG World Cup. The increased participation of professional players in these events is likely to influence new players to take up the sport at a professional level; this, in turn, is likely to translate into increased spending on clothing and equipment.

Technological advances to highlight lucrative growth opportunities

Emerging technological developments have led to significant transformations in the sports of golf. In order to offer performance-enhancing apparel, manufacturers focus on manufacturing leisure golf apparel that is equipped with features that maximize comfort and flexibility during play. In addition to golf apparel, manufacturers are also focusing on integrating advanced features and designs into golf equipment to improve player performance. Major manufacturers are opting for soft plastic shells, with multiple layers covering the golf ball that will allow for an ideal ball swing. Wider developments in terms of incorporating innovative technology into golf apparel and equipment are likely to bode well for the prospects of the global golf apparel market.

Golf’s growing popularity among women: a potential opportunity for manufacturers

A recent trend that has been observed is the increasing participation of female golfers in various international golf sports. International sports organizations are taking initiatives to encourage women to participate in this sport. In addition, these organizations are also establishing global golf sporting events for women, such as international one-day events. As more women actively participate in golf sporting events, manufacturers are focusing on creating women-centric products. Women’s golf clothing is very likely to become a staple in the product offerings of leading brands in the future.

Production of golf clothing to boost employment

The increased production of golf apparel for local, state and international golfers is creating employment opportunities in both developed and developing countries. The growing popularity of golf as a sporting event is driving the manufacture of golf apparel and equipment. In addition, the growing preference for high-quality clothing, equipped with smart technology, has led to a greater need for workers in manufacturing units. The growing demand for golf apparel and equipment is also inducing broader macroeconomic developments related to employment and job growth.

The seasonality of the game remains a challenge to maintain interest

Since golf sports can be practiced and played mainly during summers and winters, sales of golf apparel remain sluggish in the off-season. Also, due to the seasonality of the game, golf sporting events can only be organized in winter and summer. Demand for golf apparel and equipment has traditionally remained modest in the off-season, and the status quotient is unlikely to change in the future.

Preference for counterfeit and low-priced products to curb the growth of the world market

The availability of counterfeit products is also expected to inhibit the growth of the global golf apparel market. As counterfeit products are comparatively cheaper, customers prefer to spend on garments that are offered at reasonable and lower prices. Also, the event organizers have a limited budget to host international sporting events. To stay within their budgets, event organizers prefer to spend on affordable options, creating challenges for major golf apparel companies.

Overall, the global market is expected to witness positive growth attributed to increased demand for garments with flexible and comfortable designs. The addition of leading technology is also expected to accelerate sales of golf apparel globally. Initiatives taken by international organizations to encourage female player participation are also expected to contribute to the growth of the global market. However, the seasonality of the game and limited participation rates continue to be a longstanding challenge for mainstream golf apparel sales.

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