Hard drive Data Recovery Service

Most of the users save their important data in external hard drive. These drives can be used in more than one PC, that’s why these drives can easily get corrupted due to virus, damage file system, registry damage, or human error, in this case many times this type of problem occurs, Due to which you also need Hard Drive Data Recovery Service. Drive corruption results in severe data loss in most of the cases.

But there is no need to worry because you can easily recover your important data by following some simple methods, this includes what to do if you lose data from the drive and which is the easiest way to recover data from hard drive. This is what we are going to tell you.

What to do when you lost data from drive?

In this, first of all, stop using your drive immediately, so that there is no more damage. Avoid using your hard drive in case of data loss. Because if you delete or lose data from the hard drive, the data remains in the drive, but is not visible. Data can be recovered with some DIY methods or with professional data recovery software. If you continue to use the drive and save new data to it, doing so will overwrite the existing data and reduce the chances of recovery. . So that once the data is overwritten, it cannot be recovered using any method, software or tool, so avoid doing this

Do not try any hit-and-trial methods

Many times people adopt hit-and-trial methods, which should not be done. Do not try any hit and trial method to get back your data, it may worsen the situation and you will not be able to recover your data. Or you could corrupt your external hard drive, in some cases the drive is physically damaged, so don’t try to repair it. Contact the device manufacturer or a data recovery professional and get the data recovery done through them only. To recover data from a physically damaged hard drive, you can also opt for Stellar Data Recovery Services.

The Best Data Recovery Services of 2023 IN USA

  • CBL Data Recovery: Best for Emergency Data Recovery
  • Ontrack: Best for Natural Disasters
  • Salvage Data: Best for High Success Rates
  • DriveSavers: Best for Fast Turnaround
  • Seagate In-Lab Recovery: Best for Owners of Seagate Drives

How Much Does Data Recovery from Hard Drive Cost?

The cost of each service varies, but depending on the severity of the problem, recovering a hard drive can cost anywhere from $99 to $2000, depending on your location. Data recovery equipment is specialized, data recovery engineers are well-educated and extremely hard to find, and most companies have invested thousands of dollars in a clean room environment, then provide this service to you. Not to mention data recovery tools, which are extremely esoteric, very niche-specific, and quite expensive. All of these factors add up to an hourly rate, which is often double that of an automotive mechanic. For most customers in hard drive data recovery, the cost of data recovery will determine whether to pay for recovery services or just deal with permanent data loss. This is a common category for most data recovery companies. There are many companies which provide you this type of facility with different charges, as well as provide you with many types of services.

Final Word –

Friends, although you will find many types of companies, but you can get your data recovered through a trustworthy company. If your data is very sensitive, then you have to take more care for it, only after that you provide your hard drawing to a company to do this work.

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