Internet hails the grit of the elderly couple, the hard work

A 70-year-old couple is showered with praise, love and affection on the internet for their hard work and dedication. Couples from Nagpur sell Tari Poha, a dish that is popular among the people of Oranjestad. Despite their frail physique, the couple works hard to make ends meet and pay the rent as they do not want to be dependent on anyone.

The couple’s inspiring story was brought to light by food vloggers named ‘etographers’, who shared the couple’s video on Instagram. The elderly couple sell poha for just Rs 10 and have been setting up a small stall every day for four years.


Every morning, before dawn, the couple makes the necessary preparations to run their shop for 10 hours. They also sell Aloo Bonda for Rs.15. These prices for such delicious dishes are another factor that made netizens praise the couple.

Sharing their story, vloggers captioned it: “It’s been four years since this booth started. They are hardworking and full of hope.” The caption also provided details about their booth, including the address and time.


Since being uploaded, the clip has garnered over 1.5 million views and over 1 million likes. Netizens were overwhelmed by the positive attitude and determination of the elderly couple.

Later, the vloggers shared another video which showed the woman making poha with homemade herbs and spices. Social media was abuzz with the urge for self-reliance that the couple shows every day.

Watch full video here:

Users were ready to help the couple where they could and began asking for the couple’s contact information. Several users who do not live in Nagpur also offered help.

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