Mini Oil Change – Change the oil in your classic mini car

Changing the oil in your Classic Mini is easy to do, but you’d be surprised how many people pay garages to do it.

To do the oil change yourself you will need the following:

  • A 5 liter container of new oil
  • A new oil filter
  • a big key
  • a set of screwdrivers
  • An oil filter removal tool or a large flat head screwdriver
  • A funnel
  • a clean rag
  • an oil pan

First, run your Mini engine for five minutes to warm up the oil in the engine. Then park the Mini on a level surface, turn off the engine, and open the hood.

Using the large wrench, unscrew the sump plug on the side of the sump under the car. Be sure to put an oil pan under the car to catch the oil.

When the oil flows out of the sump, unscrew the oil filler cap at the top of the engine to allow the oil to flow faster.

A Mini engine and gearbox hold over 4 liters of oil. If the container you are using to catch the oil cannot hold this amount, replace the sump plug to stop the flow of oil while you empty the container. I find it helpful to have an old oil container to empty used oil. Use a funnel to avoid spillage.

As the oil drains from the engine, remove the front grill with the screwdriver set to access the oil filter.

Eventually, the oil will leak out at a few trickles per minute. What I like to do next is pour some new oil into the top of the engine with a funnel and let it drain. It will come out black at first as it collects dirt along the way. When it starts to come out like it went in, wipe the drain plug of all oil and metal filings with a clean rag. Use the rag to also clean the sump hole slots so it is free of metal filings. You can also pour some new oil on a clean rag and smooth it into the sump hole and over the sump plug.

Next, screw the sump plug back on until it’s snug, but don’t go crazy and try to overtighten it. It’s tight enough if it doesn’t leak oil when you refill it.

Mini oil filters can be difficult to remove, so you can purchase oil filter removal tools. Use the oil filter removal tool to remove the old oil filter. With the old Mini oil filter removed, apply some new oil to a clean rag and clean the oil filter seal on both the engine and the new oil filter.

Screw the new Mini oil filter into the engine making sure your hands and the filter housing are not covered in oil which can cause slippage and prevent a tight seal. Replace the front grill.

With the sump plug in place and the new oil filter installed, begin pouring new oil into the top of the engine through the fill hole with the funnel and allow it to settle. Continue topping up the oil until the level on the dipstick reads near the maximum.

Replace the oil filler cap and close the hood. Take the car for a short drive around the block, then park it and let the engine cool down.

Once the engine is cool, you will notice that the oil level has dropped. Remove the fill plug and fill with oil until the oil level reaches the maximum.

You should find that your Classic Mini runs much better after an oil change. I couldn’t believe the difference an oil change made to my Mini, both in terms of performance and smooth running of the engine.

It pays to give your Mini a regular oil change. Check your oil level periodically, and if the oil on your dipstick starts to look a little black, it’s time for another change.

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