Samsung MX is the new name for the company’s telephony business

A few days after Samsung announced the consolidation of Mobile Communications, its phone and tablet division, into a larger consumer electronics division, Samsung announced that it would also change its name. Now, Samsung’s phone manufacturing business for the mobile experience will be called Samsung MX.

The move will be effective immediately from December 10, and the new name will now be used in all official communications from the company. According to the press release, the Samsung MX name change was necessary to underline the new direction the company is taking with its mobile business, namely a greater focus on user experience, services and building a healthy ecosystem that is less than its otherwise great phone hardware. be beyond , According to TM Roh, the newest president and head of MX Business:

We are excited to announce the name change of our company after decades of innovation and leadership in the mobile industry. We are confident that this name change will help usher in a new era of mobile innovation where we can create even more exciting possibilities for Galaxy users.

Samsung is set to showcase its multi-faceted efforts to help make life on Earth more sustainable and highlight the need for everyone’s participation in mitigating climate change. The company will also be showcasing its latest innovative technologies to help users enjoy an even richer lifestyle based on customized and personalized service for each individual, as well as better connecting experiences .

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