The advent of New Age technology for science fiction movies

Sci-fi movies are one of the movie genres that have witnessed a lot of changes in our current century. Although the concept of science fiction movies has been around since the 1950s, the advent of technology and filmography techniques make today’s science fiction movies more realistic and purposeful. He is led to believe in what is shown that something like that actually exists in his world as well. Just take a look at the recent blockbuster Avatar and another very similar appreciated film, 2012, and you will realize that sci-fi movies have come of age and can really show something beyond your imagination.

A lack of technology could not have made this kind of cinematography possible for some of the great filmmakers (the pioneers who started the trend) to make sci-fi masterpieces of this caliber. Today, with graphics, animations, and other technological effects, one can create a different planet, a more realistic spaceship, or more gruesome man-versus-machine movies like Transformers. People have easily accepted the imagination and concepts of these movies, especially the young generation who fall in love with them.

The biggest technological leap in science fiction movies came with the movie Independence Day, directed by Roland Emmrich. He’s the man behind 2012 too. The use of cutting-edge technology can be seen in movies like Titanic, Jurassic Park series, and others where animations and robotic movements of animals play a big role. Today, this technology can offer a more realistic and integrated feel to the cinematic experience. In Avatar you can see the planet Pandora where humans invade for the powerful mineral called unobtanium. The planet and its environment, its creatures and other natural features have been shown to be so perfect that you believe luminescent plants exist.

The experience of science fiction movies that can visually present you with something fictional with the feeling of being so real. The use of technologies such as 24 frames per second speed and digital graphics and animation increases the budget of these films, as well as creating something that people pay to be entertained at the box office. Science fiction movies motivate people to think and feel something beyond their imagination, and technology also allows a filmmaker to bring his imagination to life. Thanks to these techniques, it allows filmmakers to create masterpieces like Avatar.

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