The difference between factory service manual and after sales service manual

If you come from the automotive industry and have the slightest idea of ​​the terms used there, you’ll know what”factory service manual” and “After-sales Service Manual” means. Factory basically means the unit where auto parts or devices are manufactured and supplied as the product of a brand company. The word “After-sales” indicates the parts and devices that are available separately from other brands. or fonts and are used to repair or modify the machinery and car.These two types of manuals are available for almost all types of machinery which may include a CD changer you recently installed in your car, a video screen or the latest GPS system to guide you on the roads.

Here we would be talking about the difference between a factory service manual and an aftermarket service manual. Well, when it comes to the factory or aftermarket manual, we can surely guess what they mean. You are sure to get a detailed manual from the car manufacturing company when you bought the car. At the same time, you can also get a similar manual later from an external company. But it can be fraught with various defects which in turn can be detrimental to the machinery.

The main difference between the two manuals is where they come from and how much information they provide to the customer. You’ll typically find a detailed, specific shade in factory repair manuals in contrast to the general shade in aftermarket service manuals.

One comes from the OEM end and one from any other company that is working in collaboration with the original manufacturer. Also, the other fact to note is that most factory service manuals vouch for better quality both in terms of paper and representation, compared to those on the secondary market. Factory service manual or aftermarket service manual may refer to a single product, but we must always remember that they ultimately have a different source of origin and therefore differ greatly in their content and all.

Therefore, it is always better to go for the specific factory service repair manuals, when you always have the easy option of getting them in the form of CDs and books.

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