Top 7 Information Technology and Technical Exams for Certifications

If you are a professional working in the information technology (IT) industry, you will be aware of the intensely competitive nature of the industry and the constant need for an IT professional to improve their skills as the industry evolves. technology evolves. You may have felt the need to conquer a new technology or improve your existing skill set or simply to see where you stand among your peers. If this is the case, it’s time to explore the benefits that acquiring an IT certification can provide.

Many vendors and third-party agencies offer IT certification. Choosing the right IT certification will depend on what your current line of work is. Whether you plan to build on your existing skills or embark on a radically different career course, you need to make a decision about the type of certifications. You can opt for a certification provided by vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, or Cisco, or apply for certification from professional bodies such as CompTIA.

Here are seven most sought after IT certifications in no particular order:

CompTIA Security+

This is a certification for IT professionals with at least two years of experience in the industry. It is not vendor specific and is a test of the professional’s knowledge of security fundamentals.


This is a certification provided by Cisco Systems for network professionals. The CCIE is a comprehensive certification for experts, and the CCNA is meant to improve the skills of those with some experience.

CompTIA A+

This is designed to validate hardware expertise and can be a valuable certification for IT-related maintenance and support professionals.

Microsoft MCITP

MCITP stands for Microsoft Certified IT Professional and is a prestigious one for database, business, and server administration professionals. This new certification offered by Microsoft assesses an individual’s ability to meet the demands of common job roles in the IT industry.

Microsoft MCSE/MCSA

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) are two of the earliest certifications offered by Microsoft that still command respect in the industry. Both certifications demand a certain level of experience and involve a series of grueling exams.

Microsoft MCA

MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect) is a certification open to professionals who have a minimum of three years of experience in advanced IT architecture. This is a peer-reviewed certification and is awarded to very few of the applicants. Getting this is considered an achievement in itself and is highly rated in the industry.


With the proliferation of Linux-based systems, there is a high demand for Linux-certified professionals and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and RHCA (Red Hat Certified Administrator) are two certifications awarded by Red Hat Inc.; one of the prominent distributors of Linux operating systems.

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