KIA Motors shows off its family-sized hybrid SUV! KIA has come a long way!

While all major automakers like Mercedes and Volkswagen are busy launching and unveiling their SUV concepts, the South Korean company Kia also developed and launched its own SUV concept at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Kia Motors is known for being the second largest automaker in South Korea after Hyundai. The company unveiled its Kia Cross GT Concept SUV, which was undoubtedly one of the most stylish cars revealed during the entire auto show! As well as being stylish, the concept is also quite practical, boasting a plug-in hybrid powertrain, ensuring the car’s position well into the future, if it is put into production.

Now, one of the most important points to make here is that unlike most hybrid electric SUVs emerging recently, the Kia Cross GT concept is a full-size family SUV. Yes, it also has a third row of seats! This means the Cross GT will take a place above the Kia Sorento, the company’s popular midsize crossover SUV. Consequently, the concept is 8.4 inches longer and 4.9 inches wider. The SUV will face competition from other SUVs in the same category which includes names like chevrolet traverse and Honda Pilot.

As for the amazing hybridization principles that the concept uses, we must say that the vehicle features a pretty brutal engine! Well, we couldn’t find a better adjective for the 3800cc V6 engine that growls under the hood of the SUV. The engine is perfectly capable of producing a power output of 333 horsepower and a torque of 291 lb-ft. However, this is when the electrical hybridization system is not incorporated. Bring on the plug-in hybrid and experience the 400 horsepower burst of power that the combination gives you! And if you thought this was enough, then the fact that this crazy combination is paired with a crazy eight-speed automatic transmission system will simply blow your mind! We’d also like to mention that if you run out of gas and need to refill your tank, you’d better find a gas station within a 20-mile radius, as that’s about as far as the vehicle can go if it’s running solely on electricity. .

The Cross GT Concept not only points towards better environmental protection through the use of a plug-in hybrid drive, but also does so through the extensive use of environmentally friendly materials for the interiors. This does not mean that the interiors lack class! Enter the cabin and find all the luxurious innovations that the company has carried out with the materials that respect the environment!

Did we say anything about the exteriors? No? Well, take a look for yourself and then reflect on the fact that what a great job the South Korean company has done! With the beautiful grille and the striking LED headlights, the vehicle looks spectacular! In addition, the rear aspect of the concept is equally impressive. We also liked the air vents that are mounted on the sides of the vehicle. But the one thing that made us fall in love with the concept is the multi-panel skylight present in the roof, which incorporates uniquely shaped glass panels! We hope to see the beast on the streets soon!

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