Useful approach to check your windshield before an MOT service

For many car owners, changing the oil and performing routine maintenance checks are very important elements of maintaining their car. This is always important, especially when the vehicle is due for its next MOT. Once the car shows signs of failure, the driver will usually ensure that it is corrected immediately to avoid more expensive repairs later on. But one problem in particular that most car owners neglect, but shouldn’t, is the windshield. The importance of the windshield cannot be underestimated. As with any auto component problem, windshield damage should be fixed immediately.

Many consumers question the value of repairing a chip in the windshield. However, most do not realize that the windshield is quite brittle to internal stress. It may seem impenetrable, but when subjected to the stress of the road and the temperature, the chip can become a crack.

Windshield Features

The windshield plays a fundamental role in the safety and driving of the car. The first and most obvious function of the windshield is to block wind and airborne debris and provide a clear perspective of road conditions. That’s much more of a drivability problem. The following two functions are associated with safety, mainly during an accident. In the event of a frontal collision, two safety features in the car reduce harm to the driver and passenger: Airbags and seat belts. For the airbag to deploy properly, the windshield must be in place. Prevents the airbag from deploying upward and redirects the direction of inflation toward the driver. Within a rollover, the windshield serves two purposes; to prevent the roof of the vehicle from collapsing and the passenger having body parts hanging out of the vehicle. This issue is much more pertinent with side windows, where loose bodywork components will dramatically increase fatality rates.

A badly installed or cracked windshield will certainly jeopardize your safety. As a result of an accident or after a crack finally breaks the windshield, flying glass shards are extremely sharp and dangerous.

Highlights the windshield Holds up while driving

Whether your car is parked or on the road, your windshield takes a number of abuses: temperature changes (particularly nighttime cooling and daytime heating), road vibrations and shear from the car or truck body, and road debris.

Repairs done correctly will improve the strength of the windshield. Checking the windshield of your vehicle before the ITV Check will ensure that it does not fail.

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