Very cheap car insurance overview: how to choose the right coverage and look for discounts

Everyone wants a car, but no one likes having to pay a lot of money to insure it. Like it or not, you will need to have at least some basic coverage to be able to drive legally. The Internet has made it possible to search for insurance quotes of all varieties and to compare multiple quotes at once. These quote search and comparison tools are completely free. The use of this type of tool is essential if you want to find very cheap car insurance.

Helps understand the different types of coverage. For starters, each state has minimum requirements for the amount of insurance you must carry. At a minimum, you’ll need a basic policy that covers any damage to the other driver’s vehicle, your medical costs, and any other miscellaneous costs you may have. Drivers who only have old vehicles that aren’t worth much find this to be sufficient for their needs, although they really should consider some form of personal bodily injury coverage.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Medical Payments coverage is something every driver should consider adding to their policy, especially if they have children driving in the vehicle. This coverage helps pay for treatment of injuries sustained by the policyholder and passengers in the policyholder’s vehicle. Exactly what you may cover can vary by provider and state. Some policies may cover only medical payments, while others may also cover lost wages, funeral costs, etc.

A very cheap car insurance can cover many risks

But, what about VERY CHEAP car insurance? How can you get the most coverage possible without paying more than you can afford? When comparing multiple quotes, learn about each company. How does your coverage work? What does it cover? What factors affect how you estimate the costs associated with your coverage?

One thing you will really need to consider is the discount options. There are numerous discounts available, some of which you may not even realize you qualify for! Discounts aren’t just for students, military personnel, corporate drivers, and good drivers with clean driving records (although you may very well qualify for some of these).

There are “loyalty” discounts for those who stay with the same insurance provider, and “bundle” discounts for those who choose auto insurance from the same company they get other types of insurance from (homeowners, commercial, etc.). Do you have a good credit score? Look for a company that will give you a discount for that.

A place to start your search for very cheap car insurance and discounts is esurance. There are very useful tools such as a “Coverage Advisor” and a “Price Comparison”.

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